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Leaney Metal Craft Welding Shop – Well done welding
St. Kitts

Mr. Leaney Chichester owner of Leaney Construction and Leaney metal Craft Welding is poised to further establish his welding business by way of relocation.

Presently the welding shop is operated from a leased building/house owned by Government located in the vicinity of the C A Southwell Industrial Park. Presently three (3) persons are employed and business began operation in 2013

Mr. Chichester is very verse in the construction of gates, fences, grills, burglar bars etc. However the lack of space as mentioned previously prohibits the business from undertaking vehicular welding repairs which is a huge income getter for the business.

Mr. Chichester has a diploma in welding from Surinam and often his work is outsourced to companies such as the Four Seasons Hotel and other business places.

Mr. Chichester is a self-driven young man who is posed to continue to make a difference in the welding industry.

The industry is one of such where it is on the steady increase and the supply for such is not ever present as such Leaney Metal Craft Welding Shop is one which can be very beneficial to the industry. The business can definitely thrive in the present sector as Mr. Chichester is a very prominent welder in his own right.

Love Potions Bar
Cabbage Tree Housing, Cayon
St. Kitts
Love Potion’s Bar, owned by Mr. Elroy Stapleton and Mrs. Kisha Stapleton of Cabbage Tree Housing, Cayon has positioned themselves to start a new business under the name Love Potion’s Bar. This bar is a bar of a difference while having the traditional drinks and food items. Difference in the sense where there will have a section in the container where it will be housed for dry foods/ provisions and meat.

The meat to be prepared and sold as mentioned will go beyond the traditional chicken and fish but also to duck and rabbit meat which is reared by the couple. Emphasis will be placed on a healthier choice of food items which will be one of the main marketing banners of the business.
Reason being, the couple also rears animals and owns farmlands which will now have an ideal selling spot for their produce. Both have earmarked two (2) locations which they think is very much appropriate for the business idea. That being, opposite side of the community center and the other is adjacent to the community center between the proposed gas station and the community center.
The 40 foot container will be sectioned as previously mentioned to house the different arms of the small business. Along with this will be a canopy out in front with seating area for customers to lounge and stay while they are being served or to partake of their food. This the couple envision will allow for the business to attract new customers in this newly developed area of Cayon in a safe manner.

Nicky’s Fashion – The Gospel of Fashion
Pond Road
St. Kitts

Ms. Sweeny, a young ambitious lady has been through the ranks assisting her mom in their own entrepreneurship venture, that being cooking. Now Ms. Sweeny believes after the lessons leant it is now her time now to get into her own business operation which she familiar with. Familiar in the sense for a few months she dabbled in it, selling from a vehicle but now with a more central location, Ms. Sweeny is of firm belief that this business will be a success.

The focus will be all encompassing as clothing and accessories for men, women, and children of all ages will be sold at Nicky’s Fashion. Outside of clothing and accessories will be light toiletries such as deodorants, perfumes, etc. as this will add value to the business place.

Quick Link Towing Services – Towing care of you
Wingfiled Road
Old Road
St. Kitts

Mr. Alphonso Isaac of Old Road, St. Kitts is a self-driven young man who is posed to continue to make a difference in the trucking industry.

Mr. Isaac is self-taught in the industry and now owns his own business called Quick Link Towing Services which started in 2015. Over this span Mr. Isaac is the only employee but envisions growth with the proposed of the new pier and the resurfacing of the island main road on the verge.

This business will hinge itself on the current surge of transport and construction related businesses in the Federation. The business has placed itself in a prime position where Mr. Isaac has positioned himself in line with project managers and other such persons who can allot contracts to the business.

The business will be all encompassing where the tow truck will be multifaceted. This will allow the business to evolve with the trends and businesses happenings in the trucking industry. The flow of business will be constant.

With the trucking industry on a steady incline, Quick Link Towing will strive to strategically align itself to ensure the above-mentioned is a reality.

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