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Classy Girls & Boys Boutique
St. Kitts
Ms. Hazel is the sole owner of Classy Girls and Boys Boutique which commenced business as a mobile venture but now occupies a rental space at Lower Market Street, Basseterre. Business has been in existence since 2014 and presently employs three (3) persons. This business is retail clothing a shoes store that caters to men, women and children.
(869) 766-8900
Nicky’s Fashion – The Gospel of Fashion
Pond Road
St. Kitts

Ms. Sweeny, a young ambitious lady has been through the ranks assisting her mom in their own entrepreneurship venture, that being cooking. Now Ms. Sweeny believes after the lessons leant it is now her time now to get into her own business operation which she familiar with. Familiar in the sense for a few months she dabbled in it, selling from a vehicle but now with a more central location, Ms. Sweeny is of firm belief that this business will be a success.

The focus will be all encompassing as clothing and accessories for men, women, and children of all ages will be sold at Nicky’s Fashion. Outside of clothing and accessories will be light toiletries such as deodorants, perfumes, etc. as this will add value to the business place.

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