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has a unique history, as it was named for Jane Birkin. She is a British singer and actress who absolutely adored her version of the Hermes handbag, called the Kelly. However, while on a flight from Paris to London, the bag opened, spilling the contents onto the floor of the plane. The then Hermes was also on the flight and spoke with Birkin about what she wanted in a bag. Once all of the kinks were worked out, Dumas presented Birkin with a trademark Hermes handbag that has become one of the most sought after bags in the entire world.

Take a look at photos of a variety of female celebrities and you will more than likely see a Hermes handbag. It?an interesting fashion icon and few fashion accessories can even come close to competing with a

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in terms of popularity.Former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, has over 100 Hermes bags. These bags are valued at over two million dollars. While many women don?have quite this many, there are several other celebrities that have a dozen or so in their wardrobes. The Hermes handbag is so well known that when Lindsay Lohan recently had hers stolen at an airport, it actually made the news.

Recently, This black alligator bag was encrusted with diamonds and was simply stunning. However sensational it might be, there are a lot of people who feel the expense of a Hermes handbag is outrageous. But as long as people flock to purchase one, the price will undoubtedly continue to rise. One another important note ?the Hermes Birkin is one of the only fashion accessories to actually increase in value over the years.

Since Hermes was founded over 170 years ago, the name has been synonymous with truly exceptional leather goods. The company initially started out making saddles, but eventually moved into shoes, handbags, and other fashion accessories.

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Today, you may be fortunate to find a true Hermes handbag at a very high end consignment shop, but you probably have more luck getting on the waiting list. In closing, while most people will never own a Hermes Birkin bag, those that do fall in love with them. The allure of these bags is guaranteed to continue for the many years as people scramble to own a piece of fashion history.