Our Departments

The Ministry of Trade consist of four department, which are all available to the public. Select a department below to learn more about each

International Trade

Promote Trade & International Industry

Small Business Development Center St. Kitts

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Consumer Affairs Department

Become a Confident Shopper

Bureau of Standards

Deliver Highest Quality of Service

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Responsibilities and Engagements

Services conducted within each department of the Ministry

Monitoring and Reporting
Consumer Presentation and Advocacy

Metrology, Testing and Sensitization
Standardization and Quality

Trade Policy and Trade Agreements
Trade Facilitation

Private Sector Engagements
Business Proposal Creation and Concession Processing


What's Happening

Within the Ministry we host and collaborate in numerous events, workshops and more.

Miticca's ' Trade at a Glance ' Newsletter

The Ministry of International Trade, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs has started off 2023 in a very proactive mode. A quick recap of the first quarter is testimony to the fact that we understood the assignment

News Articles

National Trade Facilitation Virtual Workshop

The objective of the two-day workshop was to promote capacity building among the pertinent stakeholders while building awareness in efforts to advance the WTO Trade Facilitation Implementation Agenda.

News Articles

Got Trade - An all inclusive look at the Ministry

Get the all inclusive scope of our Got Trade Series and also highlights from workshops, events and much more.